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Taste the freshly picked fruit at fruit village
Fuefuki-city which produces fine fruit in both quality and taste within the fruit kingdom Yamanashi boasts of peaches and grapes. Since both peaches and grapes have many kinds, peach picking can be enjoyed from the beginning of July to mid August and grape picking can be enjoyed from the beginning of August to mid October at local tourist farms. People say that freshness is important for fish. Fruit is the same way. Nothing is better than freshly picked fruit. It has the scent, freshness and thick taste. Including persimmons which are a special product of Isawa, these are excellent products you will definitely want to try.
Historic Koshu wine also is one of the specialties of Fuefuki-city. At local wineries, rich wines are made every year from grapes which were cultivated elaborately. It would be nice to visit wineries and enjoy sampling since unique wines are arrayed.