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Meeting various looks
It will be nice to walk around Fuefuki-city as your heart goes. At the green-rich "Inamori zelkova forest" and the "Furusato Park" which is also famous for cherry trees, your heart and body can be refreshed just by taking a deep breath. On the hill which overlooks far mountains in Fuefuki-city where people have been lived since the Jomon period, there are many shrines and Buddhist temples which tell the history. "Asama Shrine" which is known as the first shrine of Kai country, "Yamamiya Shrine" which is one of the important cultural properties of Japan, and "Jigenji Temple" and "Daizoukyouji Temple" remembered in connection with the general in the age of wars, the Takeda family. Standing in precincts, it feels as if the breath of each period was brought to life. If you want to go farther, why don't you enjoy hiking in some of the hundred best mountains in Yamanashi? If you strain your eyes and listen closely little more than usual, you can see the different looks of Fuefuki-city.